Longsword by David Pilling

Thursday, 19 April 2012

Killing the Sandman

I highly recommend that everyone checks out 'Killing The Sandman', a gritty new tale from the very talented Paula Lofting Wilcox, author of 'Sons of the Wolf' - see the blurb and link below!

'A hardhitting, gritty drama about a young man struggling to live with an abusive step-father and an alcoholic mother. Young Tony Sherrin harbours a dark secret whilst trying to protect his little sister from the monster he calls the Sandman. In this first part of the series, Tony turns eighteen and is set to celebrate his birthday with his friends. Somehow, the night doesn't go quite to plan and Tony finds that his life is about to take on a terrible dimension...'


Monday, 9 April 2012


Couple of new things to report....

Firstly, the latest in my John Swale saga, A COMPANY OF THIEVES, has been released by Musa Publishing - in this instalment, we catch up with the evildoing of that bad man, Eustace Folville, and his attempts to add a shine to his fading reputation...


And in other news, the Historical Novel Society has just launched its shiny new website, including a story of mine, The Torch of God, first published in their print magazine Solander back in 2009, links to this blog and my joint website with Martin Bolton, and the review the HNS did for Folville's Law :)


Tuesday, 3 April 2012

A Company of Absolute Rotters cometh...

...hence the spiffy new 'forest scene' cover above :) That's right, we're back in the lair of thieves and outlaws!

Eustace Folville loves it when a plan comes together, and this Friday sees the release of A COMPANY OF THIEVES by Musa Publishing.

The latest in the John Swale saga sees Eustace and his brotherhood of outlaws get downer and dirtier than they've done gone yet!

Warning: may contain arrowheads.