Longsword by David Pilling

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Sons of Montfort!

My latest, LONGSWORD (II) THE SONS OF MONTFORT, is now available on Kindle. As the title suggests (or rather, shouts), this is a sequel to LONGSWORD, released back in December. Get it while it's hot!

"Beware the fangs of the wolf..." 

1267 AD. Civil war continues to rage in England between the supporters of King Henry III and rebel barons known as the Disinherited. The memory of Simon de Montfort, butchered on the field of Evesham, is kept alive by his devoted followers.

Disturbing rumours reach London of fresh trouble in distant Northumberland, where royal agents have vanished without trace. At the same time a band of discontended barons have formed an alliance against the crown and occupied Alnwick Castle, one of the strongest castles in the north.

Hugh Longsword, now a full-blown spy in royal pay, is sent north to investigate the rumours. Scarred by his recent experiences, he is also haunted by the memory of Esther, the beautiful Jewess of York. Along the way he encounters an assassin known only as the Wolf, a gang of fanatical Montfortian cultists, and a ruthless, sadistic clergyman who dreams of gaining power at all costs.

LONGSWORD (II) THE SONS OF MONTFORT is the second of the adventures of Hugh Longsword, swordsman, spy and assassin in the turbulent, war-torn England of the late 13th century.

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