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Friday, 9 March 2018

New review!

Smashing review for the audio version of SOLDIER OF FORTUNE (I): THE WOLF CUB, narrated by the splenfiderous Nick Denton:

"I received audible version of this book for free from the narrator in exchange for an unbiased review. In addition, I got the ebook from Kindle Unlimited, so I was able to read along. I love Historical Fiction, along with "Alternate History" (like Man in the High Castle). If the book contains a well known historical figure or group or empire, it's so much more tempting to me. Thus, when I had stumbled upon this book, I was very much eager to listen to this. This book is full of hours n hours of action packed adventure of a knight. Once the recounting starts, it moves fast from one story to another, not having any dull or boring moment. It was like watching a historical fantasy tv show and I enjoyed every moment of it. Nick Denton's performance in the audiobook breathes life into the story. His accent work was top notch. One of the better narrated books I've listened to in past few weeks. Would recommend."

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