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Monday, 3 April 2017

The Leopard strikes!

I've been very slack with updates for this blog recently - various writing projects and social media groups have kept me busy! Today I can announce that the Kindle version of my first effort at non-fiction  is released - THE WARS OF EDWARD I (I): THE LEOPARD 1255-74. As the title implies, the book focuses on the military campaigns of the young Edward I of England (reigned 1272-1307), and is the first of a three-part study. Later books will focus on his wars in Wales, Flanders and Scotland. 

The altogether fab and groovy cover was painted by Matthew Ryan, historical illustrator extraordinaire! I'll announce the paperback version when it is ready for publication.

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  1. Dear Mr. Piling:

    Adrian Simmons, of Heroic Fantasy Quarterly, here. We've tried contacting you at davidpilling56@hotmail.com about putting your story "A Game of Chess" in our Best-Of Anthology Volume II. So far we've not heard back on email, so I thought I'd try this route.

    The anthology will be available in electronic and print-on-demand formats. We are shooting for a publication date of early September, so we can make them available at the World Fantasy Convention in early November.

    We didn’t buy anthology rights to the story, so we have to buy them for the best-of. We can offer $15 for use of the story.

    If you are interested let us know (at either Adrian_simmons@netzero.net, or editors@heroicfantasyquarterly.com) and we'll get a new contract out to you.


    Adrian Simmons