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Tuesday, 20 January 2015

The Best Weapon

A few years ago I co-wrote a novel with my good friend (and then work colleague) Martin Bolton. In a change of gear from my usual historical meanderings, it was a fantasy tale roughly in the traditional style of Tolkien/George RR Martin etc, but with a few twists. It was called THE BEST WEAPON and published by Musa Publishing, garnering a few nice reviews and spawning a series of mini-sequels.

Our contract with Musa has now expired, so we are re-releasing the book under our own steam via Amazon, and have plans to compile and release the sequel (provisionally titled SORROW) as a single volume. The story takes place in a made-up universe named The World Apparent, a physical dimension much like our own world, but one that may or may not exist entirely inside the heads of gods and demons. Below is a map of the world as Martin, a skilled artist, recently drew it.

The Best Weapon focuses on the trials of two young men, Fulk the No Man's Son, and Naiyar, a teenager raised in the steamy jungles of the distant Southlands. While the world threatens to collapse around them, they are drawn together by forces beyond their control or understanding...

THE BEST WEAPON is now available in paperback and for pre-order on Kindle, with a release date for the latter of 19th February. Below is the link, with the shiny new book cover, to the Kindle edition on Amazon, along with some reviews of the previous edition kept for reference.

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