Longsword by David Pilling

Tuesday, 16 December 2014

Robin Hood IV

I've had a few queries lately about my Robin Hood series, and when the next installment is due. I've been busy with other projects recently, but will soon be starting work on Part IV of the series, provisionally titled Robin Hood (IV): The King's Pardon.

I've also decided to offer readers a (small) part in the story - just leave a comment under this post and you get to appear as a character! No name is too bizarre, I'll fit you in somewhere :)

You also win a free copy of the book when it's ready: paperback or Kindle, it's your choice.

Leave a comment, and get to meet this man...
I'll choose a winner after Christmas to join The Hooded Man in his next adventure - and in the meantime, happy holidays!


  1. Fantastic! A chance to meet one of my heroes since childhood :) - Michael Cray

  2. Wow! What a great opportunity and great idea! Thanks David.
    Certainly looking forward to 'The King's Pardon'!
    Best Regards.
    Deane Cooke

  3. David, all your book series are winners with me, but I love your Robin Hood series the best. I'll keep checking for Part IV!
    Elizabeth Burnside

    1. Thanks Liz! Sorry for late response, no regular net access atm. Happy New Year!