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Thursday, 8 May 2014

The White Hawk IV: Redemption

Part IV of The White Hawk, my series following the fortunes of a family of Lancastrian loyalists during The Wars of the Roses, is now available on Kindle. 

Those who have been following the series will know that the Boltons have taken some pretty hefty knocks in the past, and the beginning of this installment (possibly the last) finds the surviving members in a very bad way indeed. Can they scrape themselves up the floor and hit back? There's only one way to find out...

“Loyaulté me lie…” 

The dynastic wars are over. The House of York reigns supreme after the shattering victories of Barnet and Tewkesbury, and King Edward IV can look forward to a long and happy reign. 

For diehard Lancastrian loyalists such as the Boltons, there is no peace or happiness. James is a prisoner in the Tower, and has been for the past twelve years. His brother Martin is reduced to a common sell-sword, fighting in the service of the Black Army, the most ruthless and destructive army in Christendom. Elizabeth, their niece, lives under a false name as a prostitute in the stews of Southwark. 

Everything changes when King Edward dies unexpectedly, leaving his crown to an underage boy. The young Edward V is controlled by the Woodvilles, his mother’s relatives, who seek to use him as their puppet. Edward’s uncle, Richard, Duke of Gloucester, is named as Lord Protector. Suspicious of the Woodvilles, Gloucester takes drastic action to protect himself and seize the person of his nephew. 

Across the Channel, the few surviving Lancastrians sniff an opportunity to restore their fortunes. Their last hope is Henry Tudor, the exiled Earl of Richmond, who possesses a faint claim to the throne. While the House of York threatens to tear itself apart, Richmond slowly gathers allies and plans to invade England. 

From the cold ashes of defeat and despair, the Boltons are handed an opportunity to redeem their fortunes. Victory or death awaits as they fight like never before to claw back what was lost. 

The White Hawk (IV): Redemption on Amazon

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