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Thursday, 17 April 2014

Flame of the West!

My Caesar's Sword trilogy is now complete! 

Caesar's Sword (III) Flame of the West is now available on Amazon, and chronicles the third and final chapter in the adventures of Coel ap Amhar, grandson of the famous Arthur, War Leader of the Britons and Duke of Battles.

Take it away, Coel...

“Caesar’s Sword was nothing but a bane, sent by the Devil to drag all the men of my blood to ruin…” 

Amorica, 571 AD. From his cell in the Abbey of Rhuys, the dying Coel ap Ahmar writes the final chapter of his chronicle, describing his last years in the service of the
Roman Empire. Deprived of all that he loves, Coel writes of how he lost Caesar’s sword and his only son, Arthur. 

Thirty years previously, the
Roman Empire is locked in a battle to reclaim its Italian homeland from the Goths. Led by Belisarius, the Roman army wins victory after victory and marches within sight of the Gothic capital at Ravenna. As one of the few officers Belisarius can trust, Coel is dragged into a melting pot of treachery and politics, before suffering a final betrayal that all but destroys his loyalty to Rome. 

The discovery of his son forces the ageing Coel back into the army, and take part in a final effort to reconquer
Italy. From the sea-battle of Sena Gallica, to the slaughter of Taginae, Coel must fight like never before to save himself and his bloodline…" 

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