Longsword by David Pilling

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Caesar's Sword

Book One of my 'Caesar's Sword' trilogy - Caesar's Sword (I): The Red Death - will be available as a FREE download on Kindle from March 24th-26th:

Caesar's Sword (I): The Red Death on Amazon

I am also offering three paperback copies of the novel as prizes in a Goodreads competition. The competition runs for four weeks, beginning on April 1st, and I'll provide a link when it goes live. 

Other developments include a brand new shiny cover for Book Two: Siege of Rome, which I shall hopefully reveal next week, and work in progress on the third and final book in the series, provisionally titled Caesar's Sword (III): Flame of the West. 

As a reminder, here is the plot summary for Book One:

It is the year 568 AD. From his monastic refuge in Brittany, King Arthur’s aged grandson, Coel, begins to write the incredible story of his life. Now a monk, he is determined to complete his chronicle before death overtakes him. 

His tale begins shortly after the death of his famous grandfather at the Battle of Camlann. Britain is plunged into chaos, and Coel and his mother are forced to flee their homeland. They take with them Arthur’s famous sword, Caledfwlch, once possessed by Julius Caesar. Known to the Romans as The Red Death, it is said to possess unearthly powers. 

When he grows to adulthood, Cleo enlists in the Roman army under General Flavius Belisarius, the most famous soldier of the age, and serves in the Roman invasion of Africa. He makes an enemy of the corrupt Empress of the East, Theodora, and falls into the clutches of Gelimer, the mad King of the Vandals. 

Caesar's Sword (I): The Red Death follows the adventures of a British warrior of famous descent in the glittering, lethal world of the Late Roman Empire. From the riotous streets of Constantinople, to the racetrack of the Hippodrome and the bloodstained deserts of North Africa, he must fight to recover his birthright and his pride...


  1. Thank you, David, I've just downloaded it. I look forward to it!