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Wednesday, 21 August 2013

Robyn Hode (I)

Hot on the heels of The Wonder of Rome blog hop, I have compiled and re-released the first part of my version of the legend of Robin Hood. 'Robyn Hode (I)' is a novella set during the lethal wilderness of northern England in the early 13th century, and now available on Amazon - see link and blurb below!

"Robyn Hode in Barnsdale stood..."

England, 1224 AD. The north of the country is wild and lawless, plagued by bands of outlaws and robbers and broken men. There is little justice and less order, and the King's officers struggle to impose their royal master's law. 

Book One of Robyn Hode tells the story of Robert Hode, a yeoman farmer and petty thief, forced to flee into the forests of Yorkshire after defending his home and family against the malice of Sir Gui de Gisburne. Hunted like an animal through the woods, he falls into the company of Hobbe of Wetherby, a notorious murderer and the most wanted felon in the north. Robert must rely on his all his courage and skill to survive and avoid ending as crowbait on the gallows.

Mingling fact with fiction, and drawing heavily on surviving contemporary records, "Robyn Hode" is a tough and unsqueamish tale and like no other version of the ancient legend.


  1. Looks great. I love Robin hood stories. I've bought it not least for the family connection - the hodkinson name allegedly has some origins in the offspring of medieval hooded outlaws from the north of England. Looking forward to reading this.

    1. Thanks Tim! 'Hodkinson' does sound very old - in three parts maybe? Hod for Hood, kin for family, son for male next of kin?