Longsword by David Pilling

Thursday, 18 July 2013


My latest novel, "Nowhere Was There Peace", has just been unleashed by the lovely folks at Fireship Press! The ebook is now available, and the paperback will follow in just a few days. 

I love the cover (see above), a brooding image of a knight against a dark background: it really captures the mood of the story. Below is a summary of the plot:

"England, 1266 AD. Simon de Montfort is dead, butchered at the slaughter of Evesham, and England lies in ruins after years of civil war. Eager for revenge on his barons, King Henry III has disinherited all of de Montfort’s surviving followers.

The war is renewed as thousands of men are left with little choice but to snatch up their swords and fight to recover their stolen lands.

Hugh Franklin, a humble mason’s son from Southwark, is plunged into the eye of this storm when the Lord Edward, King Henry’s son and heir, recruits him as a government agent.

With the safety of his family at stake, Franklin must survive encounters with rebel knights, blood-hungry outlaws, and a beautiful Jewess as England crumbles in smoke and flame around him…"

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  1. Good Luck David. I know you have waited for this for a long time! Well done.