Longsword by David Pilling

Thursday, 23 May 2013

Robyn Hode - Part One

Medieval manuscript image of an archer - a historical 'Robin Hood' might have looked rather more like this than Russell Crowe. Not to mention Kevin Costner...

I have just published on Amazon Part One of my take on the legend of Robin Hood. This is something I have been mulling over for a very long time, and have decided to release in short installments at a - hopefully - affordable price.

For the past decade or so I have been part of a research group focused on uncovering the historical origins of Robin Hood. I won't say we succeeded, but we have uncovered a great deal of new information, extracted during lengthy hours of combing original medieval legal records at the National Archives and elsewhere.

Some (not all) of this information is included in my story, which focuses on the adventures of Robert Hode, a Yorkshireman in the early thirteenth century, outlawed for...well, have a read and find out ;)

If Part One goes down well, then Parts Two-Six will follow. Watch this space...


  1. David - have you come across LeanPub (https://leanpub.com/) which is also very well suited to publishing books in sections / serialised form. They started out as a site focusing on computer programming but have branched out and now carry an increasing amount of fiction.

    1. Hi Richard, I haven't heard of LeanPub before but will have a look, thanks for the info and link. Amazon still seem to be very much the leaders though.

  2. Hi! David, I made also a lot of research through the Common Pleas of PRO available on line thanks to AALT ( http://aalt.law.uh.edu/)
    In particular, I saw some extract of CP40 concerning both Scarlet and Robin Hode in the same plea for example. I have the feeling that the author of the Gest was closely related to these people.
    I focus more on the author indentification problem.
    The Gest author identification should clarify a lot the Robin Hood identification problem.
    In particular, I follow the track of the draper guild around 1400 like Ohlgren suggest in his article on the gest of Robyn Hode, also available on line.

    1. Hi there, that's very interesting. Would you be able to point me towards the CP40 reference mentioning Scarlet and Robin Hode? I am always interested in new research.



  3. Ok, look at CP40/ 252 fol 101 (i# 205)
    Ebor (Yorkshire) you wil see a Thomas son of Robert Hode and John Scarlet of Honeden. The name of Hode and Scarlet in the same plea against a certain Hugo de Thorntoft concerning a prebend of Skelton and Laxton of St Peter de Honeden give some evidence of reality to the myth.
    Please if you quote this some where, I will apreciate you will mention my name: Frederic Harmand.

    1. Frederic, please email me: Davidpilling56@hotmail.com