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Thursday, 19 January 2012

Kristie Davis Dean!

Something different today. The lovely Kristie Davis Dean (pictured) has a book out full of helpful advice for those who wish to travel to Europe on a budget. Check out a preview below!

How I Travel to Europe Every Year on a Teacher’s Salary

I am a school teacher, so I don’t get paid all that much. Yet, I’ve managed to travel every year to Europe since 2001. I’m often asked, “How do you do it?” like there is some secret fountain of travel wealth to which only I have access.

How You Can, Too

It’s not a secret – I manage to go to Europe – especially the United Kingdom – because I’ve studied the information necessary to do it. I’ve practiced what I’ve learned and worked out what did and didn’t work. Now, I’m planning to show you how to benefit from my experience. And on a tight budget, too.

Budget travel itself is not glamorous. But, the joy of seeing another country for the first time or meeting people from another country and learning firsthand about their customs is amazing. Seeing places that you’ve only dreamed about is an experience worth repeating often!



  1. David,
    How lovely! Thank you!

  2. David, for a limited time the book is going to only be offered via Kindle so that it's part of their publishing program. I'll post the link when it goes live! I took down my site for the 90 days. Thanks.