Longsword by David Pilling

Wednesday, 28 December 2011

The King Stag

The lovely folks at Musa Publishing are set to release THE KING STAG, first of a series of planned mini-sequels to Folville's Law, on the 13th January!

The King Stag is set five years after the events in Folville's Law, and picks up with the adventures of the young Edward III of England, chafing under the controlling influence of his mother, Queen Isabella, and her paramour Roger Mortimer. Since taking over England in 1326 Isabella and Mortimer have had a high old time, executing their political opponents right and left and indulging in a spot of large-scale corruption.

The dubious pair have reckoned without young Edward, though, no longer an easily manipulated child but a man grown, itching to tear away the reins of power from the grubby hands of his mother and her appalling bedmate.

While the struggle for power hots up, one lingering question remains in the troubled young man's head...what happened to his father?



  1. Great stuff, David! I had to do so much research for my time-travel series. The first one takes place in 1214 - when my young adult time travelers meet up with an adolescent Robin Hood. I used Mortimer's Hole, but put a different slant on it for my young audience!

  2. Thanks Sharon! A teenage Robin Hood, eh? Interesting time period you've set him in, slightly later than usual...he wouldn't be nicknamed Hobbehod, by any chance?

  3. Looking forward to reading this one David. Great period of history for adventure and intrigue.

  4. Thanks Lynda! It is a bottomless well of story source material...

  5. Sounds great, David. Good luck and love the cover.