Longsword by David Pilling

Friday, 14 October 2011

Welcome to...

...the blog home of my writings, specifically a home for the promotion and discussion of my novel, "Folville's Law", due to be released by the lovely folks at Musa Publishing on 11th November, and the series of mini-sequels that Musa are scheduled to release in the next few months.

It's all a bit basic here at the moment, but much will be added. Please feel free to join if you fancy checking out my work, or just having a bit of a history chat. I am a medieval history geek in the extreme, and proud of it!



  1. David, Congratulations on the book. I don't have much to add any history discussion. But I can definitely affirm that the folks at Musa Publishing are indeed lovely. Looking forward to your book, and I'm intrigued by the "mini-sequels."

  2. I've been looking forward to reading Folville's Law for a while! Welcome to the blog world!!

  3. Thanks both! Still getting the hang of this...

  4. A good start, David. Keeping it up is hard work, but they tell me having something to say is the main thing! Good luck with your sequels. And yes, Musa is definitely the place to be.

  5. Thanks Vonnie! I'm pretty opinionated, so hopefully I will be able to think of enough things to say :) And yes, three cheers for Musa!

  6. Looking forward to Folville's Law release, David!
    Welcome to blogging.