Longsword by David Pilling

Saturday, 19 May 2018

A day in the life of a voice actor...

Something different for this post. Nick Denton, the very talented voice actor currently working on my Soldier of Fortune series, has uploaded some informal footage of himself working in the studio. Well worth a watch. From about 5:20 onwards he reads some lines from Soldier of Fortune (II): The Heretic.

Wednesday, 9 May 2018

Sons of Montfort!

My latest, LONGSWORD (II) THE SONS OF MONTFORT, is now available on Kindle. As the title suggests (or rather, shouts), this is a sequel to LONGSWORD, released back in December. Get it while it's hot!

"Beware the fangs of the wolf..." 

1267 AD. Civil war continues to rage in England between the supporters of King Henry III and rebel barons known as the Disinherited. The memory of Simon de Montfort, butchered on the field of Evesham, is kept alive by his devoted followers.

Disturbing rumours reach London of fresh trouble in distant Northumberland, where royal agents have vanished without trace. At the same time a band of discontended barons have formed an alliance against the crown and occupied Alnwick Castle, one of the strongest castles in the north.

Hugh Longsword, now a full-blown spy in royal pay, is sent north to investigate the rumours. Scarred by his recent experiences, he is also haunted by the memory of Esther, the beautiful Jewess of York. Along the way he encounters an assassin known only as the Wolf, a gang of fanatical Montfortian cultists, and a ruthless, sadistic clergyman who dreams of gaining power at all costs.

LONGSWORD (II) THE SONS OF MONTFORT is the second of the adventures of Hugh Longsword, swordsman, spy and assassin in the turbulent, war-torn England of the late 13th century.

Monday, 26 March 2018

Folville's Law on audio!

My very first novel - FOLVILLE'S LAW (I): INVASION - published back in the mists of 2011, is now available on audio, narrated by the wunderbar Steve Fortune!

England in 1326 stands on the brink of civil war. Due to the incompetence of Edward II's government, the north is virtually overrun by the Scots, while an invasion fleet is massing across the channel, led by Edward's estranged queen, Isabella, the 'She-Wolf of France'. The first book in the Folville's Law series follows the adventures of Sir John Swale, knight of Cumberland, as he investigates a murder that threatens to bring disaster to Edward's failing kingdom. Along the way he clashes with Eustace Folville and James Coterel, two of the most notorious and brutal outlaws in England. As the death toll mounts, it remains to be seen who will survive and who will perish in the savage game of war and politics.

Friday, 9 March 2018

New review!

Smashing review for the audio version of SOLDIER OF FORTUNE (I): THE WOLF CUB, narrated by the splenfiderous Nick Denton:

"I received audible version of this book for free from the narrator in exchange for an unbiased review. In addition, I got the ebook from Kindle Unlimited, so I was able to read along. I love Historical Fiction, along with "Alternate History" (like Man in the High Castle). If the book contains a well known historical figure or group or empire, it's so much more tempting to me. Thus, when I had stumbled upon this book, I was very much eager to listen to this. This book is full of hours n hours of action packed adventure of a knight. Once the recounting starts, it moves fast from one story to another, not having any dull or boring moment. It was like watching a historical fantasy tv show and I enjoyed every moment of it. Nick Denton's performance in the audiobook breathes life into the story. His accent work was top notch. One of the better narrated books I've listened to in past few weeks. Would recommend."

Thursday, 22 February 2018

ARTORIUS on Audio!

The second in my Arthurian series of novels, LEADER OF BATTLES (II): ARTORIUS, is now available as an audiobook, narrated by the very talented, dashing and thoroughly gorgeous PAUL JENKINS 😃. The book is currently available on Audible.com, and will soon be up on iTunes and Amazon.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Audio review

The first review on Audible is up for SOLDIER OF FORTUNE (I): THE WOLF CUB, narrated by the very dashing and talented Nick Denton. Slightly odd at first to hear my work read out by a different 'voice', but interesting, and it's always good to have a satisfied customer...!

"I wish I knew more history and geography but the story is great. The story never wanes. As soon as a screen is done you're into the next, but not so fast to overwhelm. It reads like history. The touch of English accent sets the stage and is easy to listen to and brings a full story and characters to life."

Saturday, 3 February 2018

Soldier of Fortune on audio

Soldier of Fortune (I): THE WOLF CUB is now available on audiobook, narrated by the very talented Nick Denton. First released on Kindle and paperback in 2016, the novel is currently available on Audible and will be available on iTunes and Amazon in the next few days.

1453 AD. The great city of Constantinople, last remnant of the once-mighty Roman Empire, falls to the Ottoman armies of Sultan Mehmed the Conqueror. An English knight named Sir John Page is taken prisoner by the Ottomans, and forced to entertain the Sultan with tales of the West. Page chooses to tell the story of his own long career as a soldier of fortune in France, Bohemia and the Italian city-states.  

Page’s tale begins in the year of Agincourt, Henry V’s famous victory over the French. As the bastard son of Thomas Page, a famous mercenary captain known as The Half-Hanged Man or The Wolf of Burgundy, Page soon acquires the nickname of The Wolf Cub. After slaying his cousin in a duel, Page flees his home and joins a band of outlaws in the forests of Sussex. At last - tired of the brutality of his companions - he decides to leave England and join the English army in Normandy. There he endures brutal sieges, vicious combats, torture, betrayal and imprisonment, all to win glory and redeem his father's name.  

Trapped in the Sultan’s prison, Page must hope his story is enough to save him from the executioner’s blade....at least for another three days...